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Understanding the Church Year

As we begin our new liturgical year on this First Sunday of Advent, here is my homily about our understanding of time and the seasons. 1st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A St. Jan’s 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.. Isaiah 2:1-5 Romans 13:11-14 Matthew 24:37-44 November 28, 2010 We often talk in terms of “things” […]

Accepting the New Translations

One year from now, we will begin using the new English translations of the Roman Missal.  Some people are not aware of the coming changes and don’t really care.  Others ask, “Why do we need to change?  Isn’t it going to be confusing?”  I just read an article in The Priest journal by Fr. Carrion […]

Christmas is Coming

I wrote the following for this weekend’s bulletin as we begin Advent. Christmas is Coming! Notice, the title says Christmas is coming.  The Christmas shopping season began Friday but Christmas day is still almost a month away.  We see Christmas decorations going up everywhere.  Truly, Christmas, as the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, is […]

A Pre-Thanksgiving Note

I wrote the following for our parish bulletin yesterday (the Feast of Christ the King) as we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Giving Thanks Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King.  Jesus is indeed a king but a king in a new way.  One might think of kings as people who […]

When Is Enough Enough?

How do you decide when you are doing too much?  That is the question that has been on my mind this week.  I had six meetings and a preaching workshop this week.  Of course, there was the regular Masses and homily work too.  From Monday evening till Friday morning I was having a tough time […]

The End

The End . . . The end of the year that is.  Our liturgical year is drawing to close.  Our secular calendar always begins a new year on January 1st.  Our church year ends around the end of November.  Why does the end of our liturgical year vary and end in November rather than January 1st? […]

A Better Way to Change

While I am too young to have experienced the changes of the Second Vatican Council, from conversations with others, I am well aware of how the changes seemed to be rushed.  People don’t like to hear about change.  Beginning Advent of 2011 (a full year away!), we will begin using the new English translations of […]

Is Purgatory Gone?

We don’t hear much about Purgatory today.  Some people interpret that to mean that the Catholic Church doesn’t believe in Purgatory anymore.  That is not true.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church discusses Purgatory in paragraphs 1030-1032.  It speaks of the need for purification.  Let me use the following story to explain the need for purification (I […]

Lord, This is the People That Longs to See Your Face

“Lord, this is the people that longs to see our face.” This is the responsorial verse for today’s readings.   Today we celebrate the feast of All Saints.  Throughout the year, there are countless saints who are honored with a feast day.  There are many people who have never been declared a saint but are, in […]