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Today (February 6th) is the Memorial of Paul Miki and Companions who were martyred for their faith in Japan in 1597.  Paul Miki was born in Japan and became a Jesuit priest.  Along with 25 other people (Japanese and Europeans, Franciscans, Jesuits, and lay people) his was martyred because they believed in Jesus and refused […]

Quality or Quantity: Which Do You Seek?

Quality or Quantity, which do you seek? Quality or Quantity of what?  I’m talking about prayer.  Today I was reading an article written to priests talking about  people who confess their prayer life isn’t what should it should be.  How do feel your prayer life is? Quantity – do you spend enough time in prayer?  […]

A New Article at

This year’s issue for the Diocese of Rochester Public Policy Weekend (February 13th/14th) is Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  In preparation for the weekend I have attended a presentation on Immigration Reform and doing some research on my own.  From this work, I just added a new article to my website entitled “Seeking a Just Immigration Law.”  […]