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Is pride always a sin? We are to be happy when we do good things.  But what is our attitude when we do good work?  Do we take all the credit without acknowledging those who helped us or without thanking God for helping us? When we have done good work we should be pleased.  We […]

Another Earthquake!

There has been a massive earthquake in Chile.  IT IS 8.8 on the Richter scale with at least 23 aftershocks.  The epicenter of the earthquake is 56 miles northeast of the city of Concepcion.  The death toll is at 85 but we can only image that will rise.  There are building damaged 200 miles away […]


Continuing our discussion on the seven deadly sins, we turn to anger.  The gospel for tomorrow (Friday, February 26, 2010) speaks of angry.  Jesus refers to the commandment “You shall not kill” and takes it further.  Not only should we not kill, we shouldn’t even be angry with people. That’s tough!  Isn’t it natural to […]

The Seven Deadly Sins

We don’t talk much about sin anymore.  The pendulum swung from frequent Confession to occasion, or never, going to the sacrament.  However, sin has not gone away.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines sin as Sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and […]

Lenten Fasting

One of the common practices associated with Lent is fasting.  The readings of the Friday after Ash Wednesday speak of fasting.  The disciples of John come to Jesus and ask why his disciples were not fasting.  He replies that the bridegroom is with them so it is not the time for fasting.  His disciples will […]

The Anointing of the Sick

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is not a well-understood sacrament.  Many people who grew up prior to the Second Vatican Council still understand it as “Last Rights.”  Understood as “Last Rights” one would only call for the priest to come when the person was thought to be near death.  Occasionally, when I […]


Today’s first reading (Monday-6th Week in Ordinary Time, Year II) comes from James 1:1-11.   James speaks of perseverance and doubt.  We must persevere in faith without doubt. It is easier said than done. When life is going well our faith is not challenged.  It is in times of challenge and difficult that we found out just […]

State Funding of Catholic Schools

This morning I received an action alert from the NYS Catholic Conference.  This conference works as the public policy arm of the Catholic Bishops in New York State.  This action alert was about funding for mandated programs in Catholic/private schools.  I do not know the detials but there are programs that are mandated in public […]

The Church in the Future

I just finished reading the book I mentioned before The Future Church by John Allen, Jr.  His concluding chapter includes some discussion of how change happens in the church.  Is the Church slow to change?  Yes; as Allen writes The multiple layers of authority in Catholicism, its strong emphasis on tradition, and its deliberately self-referential […]

Experiencing God

I have been reading a book by John Allen, Jr. called The Future Church (2009 Doubleday Press) in which he talks about issues that the Church faces in the 21st century. Today I was reading the chapter on Pentecostalism.  One of the considerations he writes about is our experience of God (393).  Pentecostal worship is […]