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More on Leadership

As I continue in my new assignment, I continue to reflect on what it means to be a good leader. (What I offer today overlaps with some of what I have written before on leadership.) A good leader does not seek leadership. A good leader accepts leadership only to do God’s will. In Exodus 3:11, […]

Catching Up

Since I haven’t posted anything on my blog since Sunday, I thought those of you who are regular readers might be wondering if I am too busy in my new assignment to have time to write. I do find myself busier, more so as the only priest in the two parishes I serve than being […]

I Hope to be a Good Leader

Those who have been reading my recent articles on change know that I recently read Fr. James Mallon’s new book, Divine Renovation Beyond the Parish (Frederick, MD: The Word Among Us Press. 2020). Today, I would like to use some thoughts from his book to reflect on leadership. Being a good leader is not always […]